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Franz Valley Map and directions

Start: Downtown Calistoga on Lincoln Ave. for an 18.5 mile option.

Right: Left out of bike shop door, then immediate right on Cedar Street till it turns to bike path.

Follow bike path straight ahead, then slightly to the left which will bring you to a large intersection of Petrified Forest Rd. (Four way stop sign w/ gas station and tow yard on corners)

Go Straight through the intersection for 1/2 a mile.

Right: Franz Valley School Rd. ( just after first long corner on petrified Forest)

Right: Franz Valley Rd. (Franz Valley School Rd. T’s into Franz Valley Rd.)

Right: Spencer lane

Right: Hwy 128 (no street sign, but spencer T’s into 128, left will take you to Healdsburg)

Left: Bennett Ln. (after descending from the climb over the county line, Bennett ln. is just after the Hwy Completely flattens out)

Right: Bennet Ln. (halfway through Bennett ln, it T’s @ evy rd. Stay Right here)

Right: Tubbs Ln.

Left: Myrtle Dale Rd. ( only a 1/8th mi from Bennett ln. off of tubs)

Continue: on Myrtle Dale as it changes names to Grant street where the city limit is.

Right: Stevenson st. ( 1/8th mi long street that angles from Grant to Lincoln Ave.

Arrive: downtown Calistoga just north of the center of town.

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Leg Direction Notes Total
0.0 Right Turn right onto Cedar St 0.0
0.6 Right Slight right at Willow St 0.6
0.1 Left Turn left onto Cedar St 0.8
0.3 Straight Continue onto Petrified Forest Rd 1.0
0.6 Right Turn right onto Franz Valley School Rd 1.6
4.4 Right Turn right onto Franz Valley Rd 6.0
3.6 Right Turn right onto Spencer Ln 9.6
0.6 Left Turn left to stay on Spencer Ln 10.2
0.8 Right Turn right onto CA-128 E 10.9
3.2 Left Slight left onto N Fork Bennett Ln 14.1
0.1 Left Turn left onto Bennett Ln 14.2
0.9 Right Turn right to stay on Bennett Ln 15.1
1.0 Right Turn right onto Tubbs Ln 16.2
0.2 Left Turn left onto Myrtledale Rd 16.4
0.5 Straight Continue onto Grant St 16.9
1.1 Right Slight right onto Stevenson St 18.0
0.1 Right Slight right onto Lincoln St 18.1