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calistoga bikeshop
 calistoga bikeshop

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- Select 1 option from the following list - we can discuss add-ons, upgrades, and multiple bikes when we speak with you.
Hybrids - $42/day - Jamis Hudson, Electra Townie, Cannondale Quick
Premium Road Bikes - 90/day - Carbon Cervelo, Volagi, Felt
Performance Road Bikes - $70/day - Aluminum drop handlebar road bikes
Mountain Bikes - $120/day - Carbon Full Suspension
Self-guided Cool Wine Tour - $109 - tastings included.
Guided Wine Tour - $149 - lunch/guide/bike included
Custom Guided Ride - Customized for your group alone, on bikes of your choice (prices vary)
Calistoga Balloons Package - $355 - Balloon flight, Brunch, then Cool Wine Tour
Mount View Hotel Package - $260 - Ride/Refresh/Renew package
Kid's equipment - $25 - Kid's over 4'9 are normally on adult bike sizes/prices
Roman Spa Stay, Sip, Cruise Package - $519 - Midweek night, 2 massages, 2 Cool Wine tours
Additional Notes - required*
Please list all first names and put a height with each (inches or cm), as well as any other questions you have for us.

We will contact you shortly in order to answer any questions you may have about how your day with us will progress. We will also cover our cancellation policy with you and get some other key info to make sure we have the best bikes set aside for you upon your arrival.

Release - Please check all of the following boxes once you've read each piece of info.*
We open at 10am - you may pick up your bike the prior evening for no extra charge if so desired.
Bikes are due back by 5:30pm - if you are late, there is a 10/bike fee, and if more than 30 minutes late, you will be responsible for the bike till the following morning and the overnight charge would apply. If you go past 10:30, a 2nd day charge would apply.
I understand that any damage to the rental equipment is my responsibility and I agree to pay for all parts and labor to return the equipment to the same condition as when I departed with it.
I understand that riding can be dangerous and understand that wearing a helmet is always recommended and heavily encouraged.
I understand that any child I am brining is required by state law to wear a helmet and that I will use the provided helmet for their use.
I, for myself and any minor children for which I am parent, legal guardian or otherwise responsible (“Child”), release the Calistoga Bikeshop,its agents and employees and any business which has referred me to the Calistoga Bikeshop, from any liability for damage or injury to myself, a Child or any person or property resulting from use of the Calistoga Bikeshop equipment. I, and any Child under my care, will exercise due care for personal safety and the safety of others, obey all traffic regulations and accept full responsibility for any damage or injury which may result during operation of this equipment.

Note: * indicates required information.